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“Innovation makes the difference between a leader and a follower.”

Our agency has been in operation for 15 years. Our main profile is performing tailor-made marketing tasks with high added value that require considerable professional expertise and experience.

Our goal is to use marketing tools in order to offer services giving distinctive advantages to our clients and enabling them to create real value for their customers and partners.
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Our services

“Creativity is thinking of new things.
Innovation is doing new things.”


  • Marketing audit: Evaluating the implementation of a marketing activity, investigation or controlling the marketing budget spend.

  • Realisation of unique product and business ideas, marketing support of these projects.

  • Mystery shopping: based on a pre-developed scenario and generating situations, personal testing of our clients’ service process and evaluation of the customer treatment.

  • Marketing management of books, TV shows, feature films etc., including finding and convincing potential sponsors, developing marketing ideas and implementation of these.

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    What is a marketing audit?

    Comprehensive analysis and evaluation of a marketing activity and determining the necessary changes for improving it. Checking the marketing administration and the correct use of the marketing budget. (It is advisable to be conducted by a third person, not a member of an organization.)

    What does “marketing management of books, TV shows, feature films etc.” mean?

    It includes finding sponsors or co-operating partners, which offers mutual benefits, and provides additional financial sources for the production and publicity to the sponsor. In comparison with classical advertising, this offers a great alternative for increasing brand and product awareness, image building or even for realising other marketing goals.

    How mystery shopping goes in practice?

    Generally its goal is measure quality of service, testing the stuff’s performance or compliance with regulation. Mystery shoppers perform specific tasks such as purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints, or behaving in a certain way, and then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences.
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